Bristol CC

Dwelling: First floor maisonette in prie-1920 house


Background: this dwelling is the firs/second floor maisonette in a three storey property originally built before converted to two self-contained dwellings in 1982. The mainsonette comprises of kitchen, living room, bathroom and two bedrooms, the second bedroom being in the converted attic space. Access to the accommodation is by a metal staircase at the rear which crosses over the flat roof extension of the ground floor flat to the entrance via a long landing. This walk-way has an additional step up along it’s length and is raised above the flat roof by around 300mm. There are open rises to the stairs and the bannisters/guarding consists of mid and top rails only which extended to a height of 900mm above the pitch line leaving gaps of around 400mm high between the rails. The stair and landing width are both 900mm. The walking surface of the stairs has been smoothed off. There is a motion sensor security light provided above the entrance door and a further light underneath stairs with is operated by the rocker switch within the ground floor flat. The surface below the stairs is concrete with an adjoining flower bed.


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