Dwelling: 1930s, Semi-detached house


  1. Front door steps:These are of smooth painted concrete and have no top ‘landing’. The bottom riser is high and uneven (300 mm max). There is a wobbly tubular steel handrail on the site but no guarding at all, despite the narrow width. There is no external porch light and little street lighting.
  2. Main stair:The main internal stairs have two winders at the top and are moderately steep. There is a handrail only along the outside wall of the straight flight. There is a projecting radiator in the small hall and some glass in the front door close to the foot at the stairs.
  3. Steps at gate:The step close to the front gate are rough spalling concrete. They have high uneven risers and a narrow tread. There is a crude rotten timber handrail but no guarding.


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